Letter From the Undersecretary General

Hi all,

My name is Corie Welch and I’ll be assuming the role of Undersecretary General for CUHSMUN V. I’m a sophomore at Clark majoring in International Development and Social Change as well as Political Science with a minor in Spanish. This is my second year on the Clark MUN team. Over the two semesters last year, I was able to attend conferences at Columbia, McGill, Harvard and Brown. I also chaired a crisis committee on the El Salvadorian Civil War at last year’s high school conference. Because my home is only twenty minutes north of Clark in Holden, MA, I am quite familiar with Worcester, but it’s really not as sad as it sounds, I promise. This summer I was able to work on an organic farm in Portugal which furthered my passion about the politics of agriculture and food security. If time permits, feel free to strike up a conversation with me about it or anything MUN related in general.

This is actually my fifth time participating in our high school conference, as I attended CUHSMUN I as a delegate in 2010 debating illicit trafficking as the delegate from Ghana. During the fall semester of my senior year of high school, I debated in the Kenyan Elections Committee and was successfully convinced by conference staff to attend Clark the following fall. I can honestly say that making my college decision based off of MUN was an excellent choice, and I hope that someone on our staff can persuade one of you the way I was persuaded two years ago. I see MUN as a vast resource not only because of the intellectual gains, but for the bonds you make. Some of my fondest memories at Clark so far come from my experiences at conferences or with the friends I made from the team. I plan to use my experience as a delegate and chair to assist me as a take on the role of USG.

If you have any issues or questions, feel free to email me at cwelch@clarku.edu. I will anxiously await your arrival and hope you enjoy the conference when the time comes.


Corie Welch, Under- Secretary General CUHSMUN V

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