Welcome Letter

Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisers,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the 2014 Clark University High School Model United Nations Conference (CUHSMUN).  The conference will take place on October 25, 2014 at Clark University’s campus in Worcester, MA.

Since its inception in 2010, CUHSMUN has been established to recreate the spirited diplomacy practiced in the United Nations and to provide future generation of leaders a chance to explore their skills and talents through public speaking, writing, and negotiating in an environment conducive to the diplomatic practices found at the highest level of statesmanship. In recent years, Clark’s traveling team has been working rigorously to maintain its high rank position in the Model UN circuit, competing and consistently winning awards at all of the major conferences. In addition, last spring our team, in partnership with United Nations Association of Greater Boston, successfully hosted the Worcester Middle School Conference with over 100 delegates.

Our Model United Nations delegation, with over thirty staffers from across the world, is working diligently to ensure the progression of our CUHSMUN tradition of substantive excellence, intellectual rigor, and delegate engagement. This year, our committees include: the Human Rights Council on human rights in Myanmar, the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural committee on the current conflict in Israel/Palestine, the Security Council on UN reform, and the Arab Spring Suppression committee (a crisis committee about the Arab Spring from the perspective of the dictators).

The registration deadline is September 25th, 2014. The price to attend CUHSMUN is $50 per delegation and $30 per delegate; lunch will be provided. In efforts to increase the number and the diversity of students involved in CUHSMUN, Clark University delegates are willing to provide training assistance materials on Model UN format and parliamentary procedure to all schools interested in attending the conference, so that they can become better acquainted with the system and can perform to their full potential.

We value each and every one of your concerns and recommendations and welcome you to contact us at any point. If you have any questions on the CUHSMUN conference or getting your school involved in Model United Nations, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary General for CUHSMUN V, Ms. Brenna Dougherty, and the Undersecretary General, Ms. Corie Welch, at CUHSMUN@gmail.com. We encourage you to keep up with our conference updates via email. In addition, this website will be continuously updated with all the information you need, including online registration, committees, study guides, schedules, etc.

We hope that your school is able to join us for an amazing experience at our conference this October. On behalf of the entire staff of the conference, we look forward to welcoming you in person at CUHSMUN V.


Brenna Dougherty                                        Corie Welch

Secretary General, CUHSMUN V             Undersecretary General, CUHSMUN V

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